Wall Products

Common for all our panels:

Standard photo: We have a large image database where you can freely select an image. You will find the image bank on our website.

Own photo: With this option you simply send in your picture. A photo taken on newer mobile cameras is suitable for printing the larger panels.

Optional fabric: You can freely choose when it comes to fabrics.

The areas of application for our acoustic panels are public environments, schools, preschools, home environments, etc. Polyester is a much better material from a working environment perspective than other materials that are used in acoustic products.

We have had our printed and textile acoustic material A-rated, this is the best rating you can get. The measurement was made in a reverberation room according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654 performed by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

The material is also fire rated and approved for loose furnishings.


Ordinary Wall Absorbers

Acoustic panel with steel frame


Our old retainers have been around since the start. Available in the following sizes. 60×60, 60×120 & 120×120
Colour is black & white as standard.

Acoustic panel in pure polyester


Our new type which we produced a few years ago. This panel is available in optional sizes up to 120x240cm. The print can also be divided so you can cover a whole wall.

Acoustic panel with wooden frame


Our most common panel which is available in the following standard sizes. 55×55, 55×110, 110×110, 60×60, 60×120 & 120×120. Custom frames can also be ordered if you would like another size.

New Wall Absorbers

Wall absorber circle

Our latest product which we manufacture in felt. You can have the colour of your choice in “the holes” and it is 80 cm in diameter. It is approx. 40 mm thick. This product can also be hung on the ceiling and we have cables as an option.

3D panels

Our latest product that we have in 6 colours. Many more types and colours will come. These are 20x20cm and is easy to mount on any wall.

Wall absorber Forest

Our latest product that we manufacture in felt. Just like the circle above, you can have any colour you like in “the holes”. It is 115 cm high and 40cm at its widest. It is approx. 35 mm thick. This product is also available as a standalone.