Do you have sound problems?

Well here comes the difficult question. Do you have a sound problem? The answer to that question is actually not easy and in many cases you need to take sound measurements.
A sound problem can be caused by many different things, for example, material on walls or floors. Some examples of problem areas:

1: In a large open-plan office where you have large glass partitions, the sound will bounce off the glass. There it is important to absorb the sound in some way otherwise the employees may be disturbed by the sound.

2: Dining rooms in schools, hotels and restaurants are a common problem area. There is often a lot of people there and the more people talking, the higher the sound level. These places are usually quite easy to fix with acoustic panels because there is often a lot of space on walls and in ceilings.

3: Sports halls are a major problem and the most common mistake here is placing a load of acoustic panels in the ceiling. Let’s say that the hall is 10 metres high, it will be difficult for the sound to reach up there to be absorbed. That is why we recommend using walls and corners to absorb most of the sound.

4: Preschool/school this is undoubtedly where the need is greatest. A lot of children in a fairly small area and where the law of the jungle applies. The loudest gets the most attention. Often many children are speaking at the same time and, in order to be heard, speak louder and that becomes a problem.

What can you do in that case to reduce the sound levels? Basically, you can say that all absorbers help to reduce sound levels. But it is the actual premises in question that determines what works best. This is where we come into the picture. We will happily visit you and perform sound measurements and make suggestions on what to do.

So how do we solve the problems? Click here to read more about how we can help.

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