About us

Nila was founded in 1987 and is a well-know company in the furniture industry which has now also made a name for itself in the manufacture of acoustic products.

Nila was founded by Ninette and Lars-gunnar Johansson. They had an idea that the furniture industry was in need of a supplier that put quality and delivery time at the forefront.

Poor quality polyester fibre had been sold to the Swedish furniture industry for quite some time. At that time a Belgian company was about to present a new and better polyester fibre. With this new polyester fibre, we started to produce cushions for the Swedish furniture industry.

At the start of 2000 we had the idea of trying moulded polyester fibre. We won the Environmental Innovation Award for this in 2002. The attempt worked well and is today in full production. This also led to our involvement in making the loose cushions (pads) for Volvo’s YCC concept car.

Since 2004 we have manufactured and sold acoustic products. We have our own facility for printing and cutting absorbers. We can work with virtually any absorber and our bestsellers are desk screens for school environments and acoustic panels with optional designs.