Hard facts about sound!

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What 70%

Did you know that there are about 70% more common with tinnitus and hearing problems among staff in school and childcare?

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What 40%?

Did you know that the risk of hearing problems increases by 40% if you work in an open office landscape where you have not thought about acoustics.


Below is some of the projects that we have done

Our lunchroom

We felt that we had extremely bad noise in our lunch room so that’s why we decided to redo everything this spring… Read More

Vårt gamla lunchrum

Apartment Nässjö

We were contacted by a couple who wanted to bring in some nice paintings that even removed sounds from the neighboring apartment…Read More



In april we got the question from Qirrasound if we could help sound a hall of the hall in the Olympia Hall in Helsingborg. Of course, we could not say no to this.. Read More



HSB contacted us this spring because they had problems in 2 of their rooms in the basement. They had set up one as an exercise room and the other as a hobby / game room… Read More